DT Termo was founded in 2001 as a supplier of HVAC integrated systems and since 2014 has become a proud producer of Air Duct Systems DT DUCT and metal coatings for insulation DT PACK. In 2016, in connection with geographic expansion have opened an office in the Republic of Belarus in Minsk.

Since our founding, DT Termo has built a reputation as one of the leaders in the Russian Construction Market for engineering solutions within Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Automated Fire-Fighting Technology, Water Supply and Drainage and Lighting Application.

DT Termo, backed by our own warehousing facilities and strong supply-chain management, ensures a wide range of product availability and on time delivery for our large and loyal customer base. Through our own highly skilled engineers we also tailor-make solutions to your engineering requirements. All this is done through a dedicated personal manager responsible only to you, the client.

Your personal manager will guide you through the key steps in purchasing an integrated
HVAC system. These are:
- Project Design where a bespoke solution to your needs will be created
- Delivery
- Installation
- Service

Our company is a regular on all major exhibitions in the HVAC business sector so feel free to pay us a visit.
Thank you for your interest and we hope to see you soon.