DT Termo has started its own production of Air Ducts DT Duct and Metallic Coverings DT Pack.

The essence of our production is through innovative methods and automated systems to produce precise and standardized products of the highest quality. With the help of new techniques and an experienced staff we try to ensure the best product for you the Customer.

With our own Workshop we can produce Air Ducts of any specification to European Standards EN1507. All equipment produced goes through a Quality Control test and is produced according to exact technical specifications of our Clients.

Metallic Coverings DT Pack are made from galvanized steel, aluminum and stainless steel. These are used within Industry where the insulation is subject to extreme environments whether it be high or low temperatures, UV exposure or harsh weather. Ease of montage is accomplished by the intelligent application of connector parts that we have developed in DT Termo, which can be worked with standardized construction equipment and tools.

DT Termo with its highly qualified staff is ready to do montage of work of all types of insulation we supply for the Client. This is done to a high degree of quality and we ensure customer satisfaction within any range of difficulty the montage work requires. All work is done to current technological norms.т.